Campsite International is placed in an area of over four hectares, about 250 meters away from the seaside, separated from the beach by a pinewood strip of land which can be crossed through a shadowy boulevard.

The area is fenced and guarded, with artificial night-lights and comprises of 50 spaces with electricity and additional parking areas.

The entrance has a movable barrier with a bell and speaker, so as to allow the caretaker to either grant or refuse access to the unauthorized; while all those who have already booked can come and go as they please.

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The inside area is wide enough, thus allowing easy maneuvers even to heavy vehicles.

The campsite also has effective waste disposal facilities and a good sewage system; as well as taps around the area to fill the tanks with clean and drinking water.

The toilets are located inside a robust wooden hut with two separate compartments: one with hot showers, washbasins and WCs; and a separate section for handicapped and disabled people.

Under a porch, outside, there are more showers, toilets, as well as dish-washing and laundry facilities.

The water available in the camp comes right in from the main water supply of the area, and is therefore drinkable.Campsite International also provides a wide recreational indoor space, which is part of the same main building.

It’s a space were campers can sit and watch TV or play Table-Tennis, Table-Soccer and even organize gatherings and parties. Also, a well equipped kitchen in the back allows the same area to be used as a restaurant where hot meals are served.

A modern barbecue facility area is also available.

Area Barbecue Campsite international

The main office, the reception and the caretaker’s house are all part of the same building.

The main maneuvering area and trailer court’s ground are covered with layers of gravel with different thicknesses, so that when it rains there’s never the danger for vehicles to get stuck in the mud.

The trailer court also allows extra room to comfortably set up a tent, with chairs and a table underneath; and, most important, the vehicles don’t stand too close to one another – which guarantees that extra bit of quietness and privacy.

The growing trees all round already cast a pleasant shadow, which is all the more enjoyable and fresh during the hottest sunny days.