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Passersby caravans and campers, who only need a change of clean drinkable water, may enter and stay for as long as it takes to complete all such operations; on the other hand, if they need to stop they have to book in for the night. In the first instance, the fairs will only include the price for the discharge of the "gray" and "black" waters and the supply of fresh drinking water to fill up the camper's tank. Otherwise, the camper who wishes to book in for the night will have access to all the facilities the camp has to offer; the use of electricity, the "camper-service", the use of toilets and showers, the barbecue, etc are all services included in the daily fee.In order to use the area as a parking space only, anytime during the day, the driver needs to speak to the manager. Upon entering the camp, one should be already booked before occupying the reserved space; subsequently they will be informed about the available services and those few regulations which must be observed within the Campsite. As for the payment of the stop, the owner of the vehicle may choose between two solutions: to leave a valid document as a deposit until payment is settled.prepay the fee and withdraw the document as soon as the booking arrangements are fixed.Once the campers' presence is booked and recorded, they may come and go as they please, taking care though not to disturb should they happen to move (in or out) during the night. The times of admittance, the opening of the office; the times when all services are available may change depending on the season. Anyhow, these changes will appear on the notice board in four different languages, as well as all those information which concerns the management and life of the area.

Prices 2019


From June 1 to June 30, a camper and two people pay € 20.00, all services included, a third, fourth and fifth person pay € 2.00 each.

From July 1 to July 31, a camper and two people pay € 24.00, all services included, a third, fourth and fifth person pay € 2.50 each.

From August 1 to August 31, a camper and two people pay € 26.00, all services included, a third, fourth and fifth person pay € 2.00 each.

From September 1 to September 30, a camper and two people pay € 18.00, all services included, a third, fourth and fifth person pay € 2.00 each.

From October 1 to October 31, a camper and two people pay € 16.00, all services included, a third, fourth and fifth person pay € 2.00 each.

Washing machine € 5.00. Passersby campers that need to use the camperservice pay € 10.00.

Furthermore, Camp Site International offers other very interesting services for those wishing to enjoy a camper experience in Sardinia in every season. It is possible to leave a camper or a motor home parked at any stage all along the year, for periods of time of varying length – thus avoiding to pay every time the heavy fee for shipping of the vehicle, and allowing oneself to take a chance of visiting the island not only on the coast, but also seeing it from the inside; as the temperatures of our wintertime are bearable, also allowing the vegetation to express itself and grow at its best. Through a previous agreement with the management, the owner of the vehicle will reach the island with ease and just a little luggage, by plane or ship, also taking advantage of low-season fees.Any client requesting this service, will always be greeted by a car at the airport or port, then taken down to the Campsite where they will find their vehicle which will be clean, in perfect working conditions, with tires and batteries checked.The cost of these extras will obviously change depending on the type services required and the amount of parking time of the vehicle. It needs to be agreed through written contract between client and manager. The overall yearly price for the parking space is Euros 360.00.
For further information: Tel. +39 079 31 05 19 / Mobile +39 329 41 72 875 / Email:

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